About Real People's Music

Josh Dunson by the grave of the great sean nos singer Joe Heaney, Carna,
Connemara, Ireland, August 2011
photo by Jean Pogge

Real People's Music, founded in 1975, is dedicated to excellent multicultural and family programming. Josh Dunson, agent, author and social activist, enjoys helping presenters build miniresidencies through co-sponsorships and reaching out to different communities.

RPM is proud and delighted to represent exclusively Jon Brooks(US), Corrèo Aèreo, Laura Fuentes y Calicanto and Peggy Seeger. Please contact Josh at rpmjosh@aol.com or 708-386-1252 for materials, CDs and video loaners.

Portrait of Joe Heaney at the entrance of the Carna Bay Hotel, Carna, Connemara, August, 2011.
Photo by Jean Pogge

Real People's Music is proud to have represented Joe Heaney, Ola Belle Reed, Si Kahn, Erwin Helfer and Friends, Tom Dahill, Vasili Gaitanos, Sotavento, Katherine Davis & Sidney James Wingfield, Sparky Rucker, Cora Tucker, Robert Meeropol, Rebel Voices, Mike Seeger, John Leonard Harris, Peter Siegel, Lea Gilmore and Jeni & Billy.

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